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The European Tournament for Dancing Students, or ETDS in short, is an exciting, international ballroom tournament for students from all of Europe! A sensational weekend with a lot of fun, parties and of course full of dance! This fantastic event will take place from May the 29th till June the 1st in 2009 in the beautiful city of Groningen.

In the spring-weekend in May 2009, around 500 students will travel from all of Europe towards the Netherlands. They will compete in the largest ballroom tournament for students of Europe! The tournament will be organized for the 41st time in spring 2009. This time, the honour has been given to the city with a reputation for being one of the most favoured cities for students of the Netherlands: the city of Groningen.


Every college or university student who participates in dance courses or is member of a dance society can participate. The costs are only €43,50, for which you get to dance in the competition, you get a place to sleep in a building close to the dancing hall, you get breakfast, lunch and a diner.

If you want to know more about the ETDS, you can take a look at the program on the program page or you can send us a mail as described on the contact page.

41st ETDS in Groningen, http://etds.eu/