The 41th was a great success! Thank you all for your GREAT contribution to a wonderful atmosphere during the ETDS. We are still thrilled by the thoughts of the largest European Tournament for Dancing Students EVER... Is it really over?!? I hope that the memory of dancing in the exam hall of the University of Groningen will be an incredible one! Thank you all, volunteers, participants and contributers.

By the way, if you have nice pictures, please send us a link, we're very curious! We can also put the link on the website if you like.


We are in the paper of the University of Groningen:

ETDS in the university paper

The text below:

During this weekend, André Bal and Eva-Maria Zimmermann from Berlin [actually from Twente and Kaiserslautern] won the 41st European Tournament for Dancing Students [the profi's on Saturday], held in Groningen. Never before so many participants have participated. The organisation had set a maximum of 500 dancers, but after a wave of protests and requests, the waiting list was accepted for participation. The picture shows Philip-Benjamin Ostfeld and Olga Birt (couple 58) just before a tournament on Saturday. They made it to the semi-finales.


It is over! And the winner of the Tanzmaus is... Berlin! Congratulations, Berlin!


Tomorrow is the big day! We'd like to wish everyone a good trip to Groningen, and will be awaiting all participants with wide open arms!

Article in DvhN


We're in several newspapers :-) (and we did not even start O_o )


After all, there is a possibility to buy fries and other warm snacks on Friday near the dance hall!


To warm you up for the tournament, here are some exciting messages:

  • We will have a few masseurs during the tournament, who are willing to treat your sore muscles for free!
  • There will be two shops on Sunday who will sell some beautiful dancing clothes and other necessities for dancers! So don't forget to take some money with you.
  • Wireless internet will be available in the dancing hall, and there will be two desktops that you can use to check your mail.


Today we send around the list of scheduled adjudicators to the team captains. If you want to know whether you have been scheduled to adjudicate, ask your team captain.


We closed the registration again, so that we can transfer the list of participants to the online tournament system. All changes need to be manually mailed and processed by the organisation now. You can still register, but need to e-mail the organisation directly.

A picture from the NTDS tournament (Dutch equivalent of the ETDS)


We are excited to introduce a new Breitensport class during this ETDS! Besides the amateur, professional and master class, we will introduce the champion class during this ETDS. This is the highest class. You can find more information about the structure on the tournament structure page.


Registration is open again, team captains can enter the last registrations in the system: TC login.


Finally we have (very good) news for people on the waiting list: we can allow EVERYONE currently on the waiting list! So if you or your team captain put yourself on the waiting list, get your things together for a trip to Groningen :-). We will update the team captains or individuals in the upcoming days, so official registration of the concerned people can be finished. We expect the number of participants to raise to about 550. If you have not been registered and have not been put on the waiting list yet, and still would like to participate, mail us quickly.


We've made a survival kit: a list of things participants should not forget.


The dress code rules have been put online.


After closing the registration at 500 participants, we got an overwhelming flood of mails from people that still want to register. We put all of them on the waiting list, and we are at the moment trying to establish our absolute maximum number of subscriptions. Please be patient, it costs some time (licenses, etc.), sorry for the inconvenience but we do our best :-).


Registration has been closed for now, because we have reached our safe estimated capacity limit of 500 participants. If you want to register more participants, send an e-mail to the organisation (see contact information). We MIGHT allow some more participants: we are calculating our exact capacity and capacity usage, and some people might cancel. Please check again later.


We have 440+ participant subscriptions at the moment! There are many more subscriptions than we expected to have at this point, more than one month before the event! If the number of registrations continue to grow as quickly, the registration will probably be closed early because of having reached our maximum capacity.


The first 100 participants have subscribed!


The rules have been extended with the open class rules and the blind-date rules. We have fourty subscriptions already!


Registration has opened! All team captains should have received a mail with instructions. We are very curious how quickly we will reach the first 100 subscriptions!


Registration is still not open... We're making sure all rules are appropriate, and this takes more time then expected. The good news is, it's less then 100 days before the ETDS! So we will meet soon!


The rules for entering breitensport and open class have been updated. Before opening registration we need to do a few last things... But we will open very soon now.


We have pre-prints of the T-shirt we will be selling. You can find information here: T-shirt information


The organisation wishes you a very good transition into the new year! We'll hope to see you all in this new year during the ETDS!!


Another sub-committee has started working on ETDS preparations: the music committee. They will be responsible for selecting the perfect slow waltz to float over the dance floor, the perfect jive that makes everyone happy and for all the other music styles!


Our registration will open soon! Thanks to the system administrators from Kaiserslautern, our registration system is up and running, ready for registration. We expect to open registration in January.


Some pictures of the previous event can be found here:


Our first sub-committee has been instantiated; the decoration group -- the persons that will think about and coordinate the decoration during the weekend! Monique Coenen and Els Rennen will be in this subcommittee, and will together with our main committee members Marije W. and Marije S. be responsible for this creative task. (update: Joke Ruwen also joined the decoration group :D)


We invited a very special guest to our "once upon a time" tournament... We were thinking, a visit of a REAL princess would be marvelous! Today we received a formal answer from Her Royal Highness Máxima, Princess of the Netherlands. She can't make it :-(.


Yesterday was the last day of the 40th ETDS in Kaiserslautern! It was great, GREAT! Check the Kaiserslautern website for results. Janine and the rest of Kaiserslautern, thank you so much for this tremendous organisation!


During the 40th ETDS, the official invitation for our 41st ETDS has been issued! We hope to see you all in Groningen!


We got two new organisation members: Eva ter Weele, who will take care of the catering, and Kelly Sprenkeling, who will help Xandra on acquisition. Unfortunately, Inge moved to a different place, so she's no longer able to help organising and therefore quit the organisation. Thanks for your help, Inge!


We all were at the 39th ETDS in Kiel, and it was GREAT! Thank you so much, Kiel! Hope to see you all in Kaiserslautern...


The site for the 41st ETDS is online!

41st ETDS in Groningen,