ETDS Groningen 2009 Organisation


Hi! We are Eva, Marije, André, Marije, Kelly and Xandra and we are in the organisation of the 41st ETDS that will take place on 29th of May till the 1st of June. You can find us in the same order in the image to the right.

We fulfill the following roles:

  • Chairman and treasurer: André Offringa
  • Secretary: Marije Schillhorn van Veen
  • Sponsoring: Xandra Bodewes
  • Sponsoring: Kelly Sprenkeling
  • Public relations: Marije Wijnberg
  • Catering: Eva ter Weele
  • If you have any questions, be sure to contact us!

    Board of Recommendation

    Mr. drs. M.J. van den Berg Queen's Commissionair, the Netherlands Mr. L. Hogenhout President of the Dutch General Dancing Union (NADB) Mr. G.J. Knegt Former president of the Dutch Foundation for Student Sports (SSN) Mr. drs. H.J. Pijlman President of the Board of Trustees, Hanzehogeschool Groningen Mr. C. van de Stroet President of the Dutch Union for Dancing Teachers (NVD). Adjudicator in the Dutch television serie "Dancing with the Stars" Mr. M. van Teijlingen Professional dancer and dance teacher, winner of the Dutch television serie "Dancing with the Stars" in 2006 and 2007. Ms. E.G. Terpstra President NOC*NSF Mr. drs. Jacq. Wallage Mayor of Groningen Mr. prof. dr. Frans Zwarts Rector Magnificus Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


    Various other people will be helping the organisation, and some of those have been grouped into a subcommittee. They can be find on the subcommittees page.

    The organisation team for the ETDS in spring 2009 in Groningen are formed by members of SSV The Blue Toes. SSV The Blue Toes has been registered with number 02063700 at the KvK.

41st ETDS in Groningen,