Vloerverhuur.nl is a floor renting firm, which will provide a huge, professional dance floor for the ETDS. It will be the same floor that is also often hired during other professional dance tournaments.

Website: http://www.vloerverhuur.nl/



BanoPro is a professional audio and light (among other things) renting company situated in Groningen. They will be responsible for delivering the professional light and audio equipment for the ETDS in Groningen. They also provided advise.

Website: http://www.banopro.nl/

Logo BanoPro

SSV The Blue Toes

SSV The Blue Toes is the ballroom society for students in Groningen. They offer ballroom courses and Salsa courses in various levels. They will be financially responsible for the ETDS in Groningen.

Website: www.bluetoes.nl

Logo RUG

University of Groningen

The university celebrates its 395th anniversary in 2009! The Lustrum committee decided to celebrate it together with the ETDS organising, and sponsored our organisation.

Website: www.rug.nl
(see also the lustrum website)

Emmius Notarissen

Emmius Notarissen consists of a group of notaries in the neighbourhood of Groningen with great expertise. They decided to sponsor the ETDS.

Website: www.emmiusnotarissen.nl

41st ETDS in Groningen, http://etds.eu/